Friday, July 5, 2013

It ticks, directionless

Time is a treacherous thing,
It paves a route with no end,
An opportunity for a neutrally aligned mind,
To sink into a whirlwind of aimless defeat,
A temporarily everlasting numbness,
Brought upon us by an idle mind,
An idle mind that combines past, present and future thoughts,
Into a cocktail of emotions sometimes unknown by the host itself,
Though we have felt and will continue to feel,
Emotions devour us,
Against our own will,
And the option of being saved,
Ceases to exist.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Uncontrollable outcomes,
Originate from unknowing beginnings,
Though one neglects to believe that the end of things would be blown out of proportion,
It all ends up wholly consuming them,
Creeps gradually within ones inner self,
And devours every known prior thought or belief,
An entity portrayed as an idol of worship or greatness,
Enters a surreal realm of losing its identity,
Being a corpse with nothing but an aimless shadow,
A follower of this universe of which clones of one another walk among us,
Self worth has been undiscovered as it is now a non-existent trait,
Unknown to some and simply disintegrated by others,
Sometimes, to believe is to have hope,
And I fear,
That hope, will never be enough.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The tchotchke chronicles

Yes, this is in fact a tchotchke, or more commonly called a trinket.
Trinkets always emit beams of endless joy and insanely unexpected happiness for those who lay eyes on it.
Let us now go deeper into the world of perfection as every trinket brought to life has an intricately lined detail by its sides and delightfully majestic corners of glossy-ness,
Trinkets are far from any sort of imperfection, and this is something we do not have in the real world.
The real world is constantly filled with flaws and constant disappointment.
My job for today was to prove that a slight imperfection in everyday life, is the very thing that could bring out delightful strings of beauty and majesty.
Look closely at the picture I took above,
I placed various different studs on top of a bland trinket that was waiting to reach perfection on it own.
But as I said, perfection can never be defined, and that trinket which tried to reach perfection with its surfaces being equally distributed with top quality laquer and veneer, turned out to be one bland little box which could never grasp the continuous attention of a toddler even from miles away.
The studs were of different colours, sizes and inequalities, but that didn't stop them from connecting the virtual dots with the other studs to form a beautifully lined photo with equal distribution and the perfect tone of saturation.
This just goes to show that despite all beings on planet earth being of different origins, colours, ethnicity and heights, a barrier dividing us all should be demolished and harmony along with neglecting superiority should be the core of our existence.
Racism, anguish, rudeness and envy should be packed in a vessel and shipped off to a place unknown.
So remember this, we could always learn a thing or two from everyday objects.
Just because they are immobile, who says that there's nothing that they wanna shout out to us humans out there?
All we have to do, is to stop, look, embrace and learn.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

An infinite pool of berry-rific proportions

Let take ourselves on a journey into a land of absolute berry-rific delight,
Imagine shrinking your current enlarged figure into a mere 7.5 centimeter tall figurine,
Now, let us dive into the picture I took,
Let us dive and sink into the fine pores of thick and lusciously silky circular sacs of juice surrounding the blackberries,
Lets press our cheeks against the relatively tough exterior of the blood red cherries yet embrace its delicate flesh contained in it,
We shall even watch and feel endless gleams in our beady irises as our now miniature feet punctures a hole of natural sweetness in the pale insides of a blue berry,
Who said that being short or tiny was a bad thing?
We may be luckier than anyone else for having such traits.
Imagine if we were small, really small.
We'll be able to witness life's majestic beauty that no one else would be able to.
So, if anyone else tells you that you're short and tiny, don't you ever believe what they say.
Each and everyone of us are able to do something with what has already been available to us.
It just takes that little extra spark for us to be creative and think a little out of this world to come up with the ultimate end product that could thrust us further and further into a life of infinite joyous proportions.
So readers, believe in what you think is right, and again, stay optimistic.

You there!!! Name please?

So basically, this is a post with no particular direction.
I'll just type out the first thing that comes to mind.
Hmmm, peanut butter, I see no peanuts in its 3 dimensional shape, nor do I see silky sunset yellow butter being swirled in it, yet, they still call it peanut butter?
What about pineapples, hmmm, pine cones are just too jagged and hard for the human canines to consume, and do we see any shape resembling the smoothed out edges of apples in this fruit? Exactly, the answer, is no.
What I'm saying here is that, names given to a particular being or object doesn't necessarily have to be spot on.
In fact, creativity was what drove things like peanut butter and pineapples into getting their out of this world and one of a kind 'labels'.
So, the next time you think about naming a group, your child or even a creation that you thought long and hard about, just remember that you do in fact have to put in that extra bit of effort to get the incredibly astonishing name that would light up glows of everlasting happiness in the faces of those listening to it.
Have a good day readers and do take a moment or two to reflect on what I said, well, if you really wan't to, heheeee.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reactivity, non existent

This blog has been abandoned for real.
The sad thing is that I keep repeating these words^infinity yet I still abandon it!
Hahaha, oh how the human cranium works.
Well, huge exams are done!
If anyone out there is willing to read a bit of my insanity in streaks of ongoing blogposts,
Well, I say thank you!!
Keep reading, and hopefully, I'll get back a tad bit of consciousness that I lost after about 2 years of no hardcore blogging,
Thanks a bunch, and stay tuned! :D

Friday, July 1, 2011

Buckets have souls too ya know?!

Your eyes do not deceive you.
You are in fact looking at a bucket.
I'll tell you another secret!!!
You ready for it???


hahaaa, sorry for that, not a very good so called 'surprise' right?
Well, lets get back to our main topic.
Buckets might be around to the all our dirty work.
For example, being a kind host to maneuver and the occasional mud at farmlands.
But how would we feel if someone dumped mud all over us?
Same things applies for people.
Would you like to be treated so horribly that you just wanna isolate yourself at the corner of the room?
So, here's what I'm saying.
Before any of you go out there and smell the not so 'red' roses in life,
Think before you do something and never do anything to hurt someone else.
Remember my bucket theory.
How would you like it if someone dumps mud on you?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A mere tree trunk or mother natures ultimate blessing?

Yes, this is in fact a tree trunk.
But why should we perceive it as just a tree trunk and nothing beyond what the human eye can precept?
This tree trunk is the very reason we breathe.
The very reason that sturdy woody veins grasps onto solid ground to provide itself structure.
This is why we live, and this is what gave us the ongoing ticket to living life.
Without this trunk right here, we are non-existent.

So here it is.
We might accept certain things in life as minuscule terms which do not mean anything and are insignificant.
But why don't we tweak this demonic perception of ours?
Little or large things shouldn't be any different.
And it is up to us to change that fact.

Almost a year of absence?!

A year has gone by and there's much much more to blog about!Lets get this thing up and running shall we? blogger's away!! :D
I'll start off my blogging with a picture I took of the scenery outside my house.
It never fails to fling me into an endless continuum of rest and relaxation.
What do you think readers? :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Majestic form of nature or failed capture?

A shot taken 20 floors high.

Yup. A lot has changed in a year.
I'm thinking of having a go at photography.
What do ya think?

Back??!? Hopefully for long

Yes, I have been missing for a year!

Hopefully I'm back for more.
And for good.
Attacking the internet world.
With all my philosophical nonsense.
It's safe to say, that I'm back readers!
Stay tuned, for future posts.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Life lessons, brought to you by monopoly.

Who would have ever thought that a simple game of monopoly could teach one oh so much.
Well, it did.
I was playing a 3 hour game with my opponent.
I was down to my last fifty thousand while my opponent had millions!
My opponent was gloating all the way to the bank.
I almost gave up, but I didn't.
In about an hour, I managed to regain my confidence and survive all my opponents' gloating.
And guess what, I won!
75 MILLION to nothing!
After that game, I realized that an empire can be built through scratch.
Don't give up although you lost by millions; and
Close you ears whenever someone is gloating.
hahaaaa, this is it from life lessons.
Brought to you by Monopoly! : )

Thursday, February 18, 2010

what a beauty!

I went to the Kl Bird Park on Sunday.
Turns out, its the worlds biggest enclosed bird park.
I got so close to the birds.
I was practically breathing their air!

I match the birds! Hahaaa

I was practically breathing their air! Agree with me?

This was one of the most beautiful shots I have ever taken in my life! And I was very near the peafowl.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Got a pose?

Let me see if I can brighten your day.
Im not crazy or anything but the Orang Utan's at the zoo were actually posing for their audience!
Have a look see.

This cool cat (Sorry, monkey I mean) is deep at thought.

Vogue Cover , here I come!
(Nah, too much junk in the trunk man.)

"I am the bearer of the Olympic torch! Bow down to me!"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As you can see, I went to the zoo last week.
Don't worry, these animals aren't dead.
But if they were, I would absolutely know the reason why.
Here is the original picture
Without any reasonable explanation as to why they are lying on the ground motionless.

And this is the picture after.
And this pretty much explains why they are laying still on the ground

Monday, November 23, 2009

seashells, seashells and a mangosteen?

Its normal for someone to find lots and lots of seashells by the beach.
It is called a beach after all right?
But have you ever thought of finding a mangosteen by the beach?
I guess I made a brand new discovery then.
A beach that produces exotic fruits!
I'm gonna be rich!
Lookie here.

Are you drooling now?

A picture I took to torture everyone! hahaaa
Sorry about that!

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Perspective

Nope, sorry.
Not the new panic at the disco song.
Look at the picture below.
Look at it at a new perspective.
See if you got the same image that I got.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Too many burgers for me.

McDonald's had a promotion where a person gets a free coke contour glass with every meal am I right?
I went nuts over the offer!
I bought the coke contour meal about 5 times and now I have 5 glasses.
Now I'm thinking what am I going to do with all those glasses.
After many moments of being deep at thought, I finally got it!
Look and observe. Thanks.

A game of stack anyone?

Caging violent animals to prevent them from causing havoc

Have some fun bowling. Instead of using a rubiks 360 please use a regular ball.

Back to stay, I think and hope.

After months of abandoning my blog.
(Sob, how could I!)
I shall return will bigger and better posts than ever before!
I hope everyone would stay tuned!
For some out of this world posts.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sombody call 911! Or 999? Oh man, I don't know the number!

Is that a fire or just another fog session?
I'll let you decide on that one.
But do take into account that the smoke is coming from only one area.
So I have to say its a fire.

Friday, July 31, 2009

halt trespasser!

I was on my way into my condominium.
Before I could make my way to the lift, a guard stopped me.
(Sigh. What now. I already had a bad week and I knew it was about to get worse)
The guard asked me a very interesting question.
'Where are you going?'

I did not expect that question at all.
I answered:
'My House'.
I might have had a two syllable answer but the response that I thought of giving was clearly more than 50 syllables.
After I explained to him he was still hesitating.
He didn't want to let me enter my own condominium?
This is absurd.
Anyway, lets look on the bright side.
He is preventing crazy and psychotic sickos from entering the building.
Does that mean that he referred to me as one?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whats with the haze?

As everyone knows, there was a rather dangerous level of haze that had occurred a few days ago.
People wished that it would all just go away.
as you may have expected, I wasn't one of those people.
Why am I so crazy you ask?
Well, I'm about to tell you in today's list.
Benefits of haze!

1) Haze=Cough=MC=No school!

2)Wanna pull a prank on someone? No problemo. Since there is an extremely low visibility rate during the hazy season, here's your time to act.

3)Cancel all outdoor activities that we just dread doing. Reason? I think you got it.

4) Tell someone: Hey! Haze would make the H1N1 worse than it already is. I think everyone should quarantine themselves to prevent our condition from getting really really bad! Get where I'm going with this?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Not another m.j memorial post.
This time, something very close to me has just died.
My favorite little longkang mushroom.
A few weeks ago, there it was in the school drain.
An innocent looking wee little mushroom.
Pitifully gathering moss from the drain, its host.
From the moment I saw the mushroom I knew I would never forget it.
The way its spores were formed, velvety smooth surface with just a tint of dirt to give it a rugged feeling.
Mushboom, may you rest in peace.
Join your dead friends who died tragically during fungi risotto meals and mushroom soups.
May all of you be reunited in a circle of vegetables wearing hats.


A moment of silence for our dearly beloved mushboom.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lets scream and shout

You guessed it.
Another exam over and done with.
Stay tuned for future posts.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

shoot. or be shot?

I should have done a post which says '150th post!' during the previous post.
However I overshot.
Apologies apologies.
Lets start again shall we?
This is the 151st post of
( Warning, if you click the link, it will lead you right back to this blog. I'm sure you would rather kill yourselves rather than living the remainder of your lives viewing this ridiculous site.)
I'm just kidding. Please do come back to this site!
Thanks for all the support.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A beaker, cylinder and test tube.

Another day in the Science Lab.
Another story to tell.
Probably one of the most interesting Lab stories that I have ever encountered so far.
We were boiling some solution.
It was purple.
And it stains.
Anyway, my friends and I were boiling the solution on the bunsen burner in a test tube with a glass rod in it.
Right after the experiment, we immediately took the test tube and glass rod out to clean it.
We brought it to the nearest sink.
Unfortunately, the purple liquid was stuck in the glass rod.
We couldn't figure out a way to get it out of the glass rod.
1,2,3 SQUIRT.
What was that!
The Solution squirted out of the glass rod and stained the white wall PURPLE!
What to do what to do?????
We did the usual.
It wasn't our fault was it????
Teacher was coming.
Panic level had increased by a percentage which doesn't even exist.
Someone took a tissue in a split second, wiped that thing off, and returned to base just on time.
Teacher came, she did not realize anything.
Thank goodness!
Sad to say, the stain still lies on the wall.
I wonder when someone is ever going to realize it.

Friday, June 26, 2009


you will be missed sir.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 things about self quarantine. (my version)

Everyone now knows that if a person has just came back from a vacation abroad, self quarantine is necessary.
For those of you who have no idea, I gotta ask, have you been living in a cave?
Anyway, today, on the front page of The Star, they published a whole section on 10 things about self quarantine.
I felt that it needed a little spicing up.
So this is what I came up with.
Sorry to say it's less than ten.
I couldn't think of anymore.

10 Things (or less) about self quarantine.
1)Stay home for the entire duration imposed and keep away from family members. Positive effects- A great way for slackers to get away from school or work. Go near a foreigner or take a picture with them. Show the picture to your teacher and tell them that you have been abroad. And that's your ticket to a one week period of being self quarantined. As for the staying away from family members part, who doesn't like a moment of silence since we no longer have to put up with parents screaming their heads off.

2)Do not leave home especially for tuition classes and weddings. Positive effects-OOoooOOhh, this sure is a good one. No tuition!!!! That must be great for those of you who actually go tuition. I don't go, so I wouldn't know.Hehe. Not going for weddings! Thats the best thing I have heard so far! We don't have to listen to relatives bragging about their kids anymore! Thank goodness. No need to worry about starting conversations. No worries about offending people.

3)Get help from others to obtain daily necessities or food. Positive effects-Please do yourself a favour and make full use of this advantage. I can visualize it now.

' darling, what do you what to eat?'

'oh, simple! a rib eye steak from Chilis, angel hair pasta from pasta mania, a smoothie from juice lab, 2 chocolate marshmellow brownies, 4# cheese pizza from yellow cab, lamb chop from Madam Kwans, La Bodega escargot, and anything else you can find'

'ha! you crazy ah?

'you ask, I answer lah! Eh, better buy for me you know, pity me lah, I very very sick. This sick can die me! Very lethal. Like kung fu movie. One time kena pow can KO.'

Yeah, just as I pictured it.

4)Avoid contact with people who help.-Hold on hold on. I don't get it. The previous point in the newspaper said that we should get help from others. This point says we can't. This sure is confusing.

5)Wear a mask at all times-Positive effects. Come on now. We can all start a trend! Masks everywhere. Add some style to the mask. Decorate it or something. Sell masks as a living. Do something do anything!Helps hide your ghastly pimples too.

6)Follow updates on influenza A on the tv. Positive- You know you're gonna love this. As you follow the updates on the tv, when no one is looking, turn into ninja mode and swiftly grab the remote to change the channel. For an hour or so, you can watch your favourite shows in peace. Well, unless a parent comes in and grounds you for a month or so. Haha.

well, that's it for today.
please stay tuned for more updates on the H1N1 virus.

WARNING AND PRECAUTION: All the information which is available on this post is -10% accurate. 50 people have tried and all 50 of them had many after effects (not good ones. lol)
Well, you can't blame me! I said my ideas were good, not effective ok?

If you are reading this sentence, it means you have been a loyal reader to get this far into a post.
Let me express my appreciation by saying.
And no, you don't get a gift.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yeah, I know.
Well, things are working out a tad bit differently around here.
Instead of worrying, pulling out bundles of hair and attempting murder, we are actually excited.
We are now awaiting news which could change the fate of us students.
Wait for it......

I am only assuming.
Don't jump off a building or shed tears of joy just yet.
Please don't embarrass yourself, just be patient.
We will know soon enough.

(This word was brought to you by The Sham WOO HOO! Did I get that right? sorry)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pata pata pata pon

3rd game I bought for my psp.
A great game.
Hard and challenging.
I bought it from Singapore and guess what.
Its Rm50 cheaper!
That made me even happier!
Let me end by saying pata pata pata pon!

Front View

Back View

Instruction Manual and the UMD

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The chronicles of an angel/demon Part 2.


Another post about my cousin,Nevin.
But this time, its actually interesting.
Lets begin.

Look at these pictures.
I know what you're thinking.
Crazily cute! (Is that even a word?)
Well, these two pictures were taken three years ago when he was just 2 years old.
Its too cute to be true right?
Well, its all about to change.

Remember the days we used to tell mum or dad 'don't worry, I will never change'.
The exact opposite happened to this cute and innocent baby.

Please scroll slowly to enjoy a very eccentric post.
3 years later.
The evolution of an infant to a kid took place.
Even I couldn't believe the results.
This proves one thing.
Everyone changes.

A big change ain't it?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Im back!

Im back after a whole week!
From where?
The South part of Malaysia.
Still cant figure it out?
Then do the math.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Long forgotten.

I have not done one of these in a very long time!
Well, I'm back.
Time for lists.
Today's topic.
Reasons to laminate a certificate.
(Yeah, I know. Odd Right?)
Lets start shall we?

1) Prevent it from being mistook as a toilet paper. (It happens!)

2)Prevent someone else from writing their name on it. It doesn't matter what hurdles or challenges you had to face to get that certificate. No lamination, no use.

3) Sabotage. We love to do that don't we? That is why lamination is the answer. Don't want people to rip your certificate? Then get a lamination job done. I know what you're thinking, people can just cut the certificate even after its laminated. Errmmmm. Sorry, but you're on your own if that ever happens.

4)Got a little brother or sister? Then read this number. Your certificate might just be the masterpice of your little brother/sister. Answer me this. Do you think a certificate looks good with paint and crayons? Then, do yourself a favour and please please please LAMINATE.

This might be a very odd post.
A very very odd post.
But there is a hidden meaning.
Erm, well there isnt actually.
But seriously, lamination is the best thing to do.
I just told you.
Sorry, please ignore a person that is high on sarcasm.
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

finally, change has occured.

My ds has been revamped!
PSP vs DS.
Who will win?
The battle of the worlds greatest hand held consoles.


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